Is this your concern?

  • What accommodations would be best for my child to be successful in school?

  • No one in the school system seems to know what’s really going on with my child.

  • My child was evaluated, but recommendations were too general. Can I get more specific help?

  • My child continues to have difficulties despite interventions. Why is that?

  • My child is frustrated and acts out, but no one seems to know why.

  • My child is bright, but can’t seem to perform well in school.

  • My child is receiving services, but is not making any progress.

  • The school says my child doesn’t qualify for services, but she continues to fall further behind

Dr. Leah Isler School Neuropsychologist

My background is unique

I have 30 years experience in psychology working in schools, hospitals, clinics and private practice conducting assessments and providing counseling. For the past half dozen years I have also been involved in the new and innovative field of school neuropsychology. My passion and my area of expertise is in working with children and adolescents to uncover their underlying neuropsychological issues in school and at home, and to follow up with specific recommendations. I have worked with a wide range of cases, including the most complex, and will be every bit as thorough finding solutions for your child.

As a psychologist who has spent many years in the school system, and who has received specialized training in school neuropsychology, I am quite familiar with what’s needed to succeed in that environment. My recommendations are always very detailed as they relate to your child’s challenges.

About Dr. Leah Isler

Understanding the difference

Traditional psychological and educational assessments in schools are limited because they don’t address many of the complex reasons children have difficulties in school. They often use a cookie-cutter approach. By instead employing the most up-to-date, brain-based research, it allows me to use multiple tools to assess each child’s unique processing strengths and weaknesses. This results in a more accurate diagnosis, culminating in a program of individualized solutions to help your child achieve his or her full potential.

The Process

I provide a warm, comfortable and trusting environment, allowing me to get to know all aspects of your child. After extensive neuropsychological testing and analysis, my interventions are thorough and specific for the needs of your child and the school system. I provide step-by-step guidance which I believe will result in your child performing at his/her maximum capacity.